Q: How long with i-Straight last?
A: It's permanant. Treated hair will last pretty much forever. New growth will need touch up.
Q: What type of hair can be straightened with i-Straight?
A: All hair types are candicates. i-Straight's 3 formulas will safely straighten almost anyone's hair.
Q: Will i-Straight work on ethnic hair?
A: Yes. We have no problems with ethnic hair. Procedures and steps will slightly vary.
Q: Will i-Straigh work on highlighted or bleached hair?
A: Yes. Unlike other competitors' products, i-Straight has specially formulated ingreadients that are very gentle and highly conditioning to be safely performed on highlighted or bleached hair. DTDG in the solutions will also counteract the Thio to prevent over-processing. Side-formulas such as Pure Keratin and Reaction B-3 will protech the extremely damaged areas to even out the processing.
Q: Can i-Straight be used over on Sodium Hydroxide?
A: Yes. If it has been over 6 months.
Q: Why is it necessary to wait 48 hours before shampooing, clipping, or banding the hair?
A: The hair will continue to naturally oxidize and re-harden into a stable state over these 48 hours providing long-lasting results. Bands or clips can leave a permanent mark on the hair. Other straightening systems require 72 hours of absolute straightness while i-Straight recommends a minimum of 24 hours, but 48 hours is recommended.
Q: How long do you need to wait for a re-touch?
A: A minimum of 3 to 4 inches of re-growth is necessary to iron the hair. The length of hair will also affect the length of time needed.
Q: What's the difference between i-Straight and other TR's?
A: i-Straight formula contains negative ions in the relaxer (Solution #1) and positive ions in the neutralizer (Solution #2). This will create a stronger bond to restructure the hair properly and to keep the hair healthy, moisturized, and vibrant. One of the best benefits of using i-Straight System is Ceramide. Ceramide is a natural resource that is part of your intercellular bonds to keep the integrity of the hair and fortifies the cuticles to keep the hair soft, natural, and healthy. Ceramide is used as a substitute for silicone types commonly used in the relaxer. Other products currently in the market utilize Dimethicone, a common Silicone by-product, to coat the hair for artificial shine and smoothness. However, after the Dimethicone has been bonded to the hair, (with the use of a hot iron) it will eventually dry or break off, taking the cuticles along with it. The result is damaged hair in the long run or reverting curls.


Q: What is the Kera Rescue Treatment System?
A: Kera Resuce is our newest deep-conditioning-thermal-repair-treatment designed to tame frizz and damaged hair while keeping your natural curls! This treatment will give the hair a natural shine and brilliance while eliminating tangles, dryness, frizz, and unruly hair by using hydrolyzed keratin and amino acids to restore the damaged or lost proteins from previous chemical services.
Q: Is the Kera Rescue a formaldehyde based treatment?
A: No. Kera Rescue is Formaldehyde Free and is safe to use in any environment.
Q: Can the treatment be performed over chemically processed hair types?
A: Yes. Kera Rescue can be used on highlighted, bleached, colored, and previously relaxed hair types. In fact, all hair types! We recommend it after chemical services.
Q: Can it be done on virgin hair?
A: Yes. Kera Rescue can be used on virgin hair. The treatment will enhance shine and feel while removing frizz from the hair.
Q: How long after Kera Rescue can the hair be washed?
We recommend 24 hours for best results.
Q: Can the hair be worn in a ponytail, clipped, or tied?
A: Yes. Kera Rescue is a deep-conditioning-thermal-repair-treatment that will not alter the natural shape of the hair.
Q: Can I go for a swim in the pool or in the ocean?
A: We recommend that you do not go swimming within the first 24-48 hours. The hair should be kept dry for at least 24 hours for best results. After the initial wait, you can go swimming, but keep in mind that chlorinated water and salt water can affect the longevity of the treatment. You should rinse the hair with fresh water once you are done swimming.
Q: How long will the effects of the treatment last?
A: It will last 4~6 weeks depending on the hair type and condition. Touch-ups can be done once the client feels the treatment has worn off. Re-touch should be done on not just the re-growth, but the entire hair.
Q: What shampoo and/or conditioner can I use after Kera Rescue?
A: We highly recommend using Kera Shampoo, Kera Conditioner, and KeraFusion Leave-In Treatment to maintain and prolong the effects. These products are gentle on the hair and do not contain sodium chloride which can shorten the duration of the treatment.
Q: How long does it take to get the service?
A: The full process should take 60~90 minutes depending on the hair length and volume.